Enjoy your food and drink without fear of affecting the impact of erectile dysfunction drug 

Use Levitra to overcome any stage of erectile dysfunction. It is as widely used as Viagra and Cialis. Its impacts on erectile dysfunction are similar to Viagra. Swallow one tablet and get the erection within 30-45 minutes. In the next 4-5 hours, you can get an erection at any time with sexual stimulation. The drug comes in various doses to help users overcome any stage of erectile dysfunction.

What is the special feature of the Levitra erectile dysfunction drug?

Levitra is the only erectile dysfunction drug that is less affected by the intake of food or alcohol. However, the consumption of alcohol should be moderate. The active ingredient vardenafil is an effective PDE5 inhibitor that relaxes the blood vessels to let blood flow to the penis. The penis gets an erection under sexual stimulation.

Various doses of Levitra to overcome any stage of the erectile dysfunction within 30 minutes

Levitra 10mg – it is the lowest erectile dysfunction drug to overcome soft and dying erection. The impact lasts 4-5 hours after 30 minutes. The user gets an erection under sexual stimulation.

Levitra 20 mg – a higher dose is recommended by a doctor when a lower dose gives only a soft erection that is not enough for sex. With this dose, you can enjoy any type of food or drink, without fear of diluting the impact.

Levitra 40mg – 40 mg Levitra is recommended when lower doses do not give a hard erection for sex. The doctor checks the health and degree of erectile dysfunction before prescribing a 40mg dose.

Levitra 60mg the higher dose is only for elders, seniors and for those with extreme erectile dysfunction. It is safe for your health and matches the requirement of your erectile dysfunction.