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Welcome to our online store, and we are pleased to offer you our quality goods and services. We are glad that you visited our site where you can start our services anytime. We would like to let you know the terms and conditions before considering our services.

License and Site Access

Most important, we grant the limited license to access the personal use of the site and download the page. You can use or change any part of our information from our written consent but not with our copyrights. For instance, there should not be any resale or commercial use of this site or any collection. You cannot use any product listings, prices, descriptions or its contents without permission. You cannot copy the account information.

Consider the restrictions on your activities as before you start using our site. Moreover, if any of the terms and condition does not suit you, feel free to exit. In any form without notifying users, Meds Basket requests you to look on this page and open the site.

Most users are supposed to use the site and services informed and mentioned on this page. Any other person coming across is restricting from reproducing, distributing, publishing. And modifying, transferring services or products on the site. You can use the information given on the website as a substitute which our doctors will provide.

Data accessible on the site is always uploaded after analyzation. But in case of any therapeutic condition or infection, with the medical issue or new prescription. And change the number of drugs, advice from your specialist is always appreciated. We hold the authority to rectify the typographical errors in the data posted on this website. And no responsibility for correcting the mistakes on other platforms. The information refreshes without the notice and costs. The enterprises are liable to change the data on the website without any notice.

Privacy and Electronic Communication

We understand our practices and write our Privacy Notice which governs your visit. Of course, you can visit the website and send emails to us. Besides, you can communicate with us and receive communications from us. Moreover, we tend to inform the posting notices on this site with the agreement. And disclosures and other communications.

Not Offering Any Advice:

The content available is for informative purposes. And gives particular advice depending upon the requirements. It should not use for diagnosing, curing, treating. And more health problems or prescribing a medication. We recommend you read all the information provided by the manufacturers. You must consider the product packaging and labels before using any product. Consult your own physician for advice and treatment.

Exchange Marks and Other Intellectual Property Rights

Most importantly, all the visual interfaces, trademarks, logos, sounds, PC code, music. And the craftsmanship is not limited to the design, structure, coordination, expression. Of course, the action of content available on this website is not controlled. And claimed by any other authority than Meds Basket. Our site is secured by copyright and the trademark laws along with property rights. We give the limitations in the Terms and Conditions of the user agreement. No content will be duplicate, transfer or posted, showed, republished, encoded. And interpreted, transmitted to some other PC with this server.


The consent to repay and hold with our subsidiaries, officers, auxiliaries. And co-branders, executives, specialists, representatives. And accomplices form any case or request with the sensible lawyer’s expenses will provide for the Terms and Conditions.


The Connections from the sites and this website intended for convenience only. Meds Basket is not into affirming or controlling the charge of any sources connected. Our site does not express, infers, warranties or legitimates any materials on other sites. We let you have the downloadable programming links for comfort. And more dependable for any challenges or results related to downloading the product.

Accessibility of Our Website

Our website is accessible to clients 24*7, every week and 365 days of the year. Yet, the privilege to make our website inaccessible for any period. With any material on the website can be due to technical or some other reasons. We are available to the people inquiring about Meds Basket services or management. The use of any data on this website is conduct by the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. The rights contained in our website do not allow you to transfer or share any data on undermining, damaging, defamatory websites. And attack of security rights with the comprise or support infringement of any law.


In need, the shopping cart reflects the estimated ship from the shipping method. And assumes all items with a single address within the contiguous across the world. Our professional expert handles extra charge with the process of any necessary adjustments in the shipping cost. And beholds the right of notifying the change without notice.