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Treating Erectile Dysfunction at Home

Erectile dysfunction can happen in any man having any psychological or medical reasons. It is a sexual issue for a man. A man suffers from erectile dysfunction when he can’t get an erection during intercourse. Erectile dysfunction also hints the inability of a man to sustain the erection while intercourse.

There are several reasons for erectile dysfunction. Diabetics, heart issues, obesity, stress, exhaustion, anxiety, performance stress, lack of confidence in sexual activity, and growing age can contribute to erectile dysfunction. One can treat Erectile Dysfunction at home as it is the cheapest and working way. It can help in treating erectile dysfunction at home.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs provide short relief

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) drugs provide short relief

There are various over the counter medicines and drugs available in the market. All these help a man to overcome erectile dysfunction. Whenever a man wants to have sex, these drugs bring erection for sex. But medicine does not cure the underlying cause. The root cause doesn’t get affected by erectile dysfunction drugs. A man gets an erection only for a shorter duration of 4-5 hours.  Erectile dysfunction returns when all traces of the drug are gone from the body.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction at the Home with the root cause

Home treatment deal with root cause to bring permanent relief from ED

Home treatment for erectile dysfunction is a series of simple steps that bring permanent relief. The steps don’t involve the use of expensive gadgets or going out of the way to do something that is not part of the lifestyle. In fact, home treatment is affordable and within the lifestyle and budget of anyone.

What makes home treatment an effective way to cure erectile dysfunction, is that it involves dietary and lifestyle change. Some products come into the daily diet.

Dietary change includes

Use of Garlic raw or roasted

Ginger use Erectile Dysfunction at Home

Garlic is a sex rejuvenator used for centuries for sexual weakness in ayurvedic medicines. It can consume as raw or roasted. Include three cloves of garlic in diet or eat the first thing in the morning on empty stomach.


Onion use for Erectile Dysfunction at Home

Along with garlic, the onion is also known for its aphrodisiac properties. Take it with lunch or dinner in raw form, or make a juice of it and fry it with butter. Take the solution with honey on an empty stomach. Along with ED, it also brings relief from premature ejaculation, discharge during sleep. And, boosts sex desire.


Ladyfinger use for ed at home.

It is a simple vegetable to boost sexual desire and vigor. For the best results, take root powder of the vegetable, mix with a glass of milk, and sugar candy. Take mixture daily to restore vigor.

Dried dates

Dried Dates use for ed at home.

One of the effective ingredients to cure any sexual weakness is dates, generally used with milk. They not only restore sexual vigor but also boost sexual stamina, cure erectile dysfunction. And also, increase the sexual performance of a man. Make powder of dry dates, mix it with milk. One can also mix nuts, pistachio with the date powder.


Saffron use for ed at home.

Saffron is effective for curing several sexual weaknesses, impotence, and erectile dysfunction. It has a reference in ancient texts as one of the aphrodisiac products for man.  Add a strand of saffron in milk or any dessert and enjoy the taste and get the benefit.


Raisin use for ed at home.

Boil raisin with milk, after washing them in Luke warm water. Ayurveda mentions the role of raisin in boosting sexual desire. And cure for sexual impotency. It depends on the individual to either have it in the evening or in the morning.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate Juice for Erectile Dysfunction

It lowers the stress hormone cortical and raises the testosterone, the sex hormone. Make at home and have an empty stomach there for it also lowers blood pressure. For best results, start the day with it daily.  It relaxes the blood vessels to let blood flow the penis area.

Lifestyles changes

Lifestyle changes are simple ways to boost physical activity to reduce weight, trim waistline. And, keep blood pressure in check.

Incorporate walking whenever and wherever possible, stop excess smoking, alcoholic and consumption of recreational drugs.

Go away from a sedentary lifestyle

Hit the gym, or if you cannot take time out, do some basic stretching exercises, suryanamaskar. For example, to increase blood flow in the body. Incorporate walking whenever and wherever possible, stop excess smoking, alcoholic. and the consumption of recreational drugs. 

It is a proved study that an active life reduces the chances of diabetics, keeps cholesterol in check. And, improves cardiovascular health and creates a feel-good factor. All these factors keep one is good sexual health.

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