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Does masturbation causes erectile dysfunction or it’s just a myth?

Before writing on the topic you should be clear on the concept of erectile dysfunction and masturbation. Erectile dysfunction is a lack of erection that is good enough for intercourse and also lasts the duration of intercourse. The masturbation is self- administrated pleasure which a man gets by covering the penis in one hand and making back and forth movement of the hand. Masturbation gives a pleasure that is equal to the sex, if not more than sex.

Masturbation is one of the best and safe ways for guys and teenagers to release sexual tension. It is a common sexual activity among teens and youngsters who are not married. It is an outlet of sexual energy and urges.

Causes of the erectile dysfunction

Causes of the erectile dysfunction

Cases of erectile dysfunction increasing with age, but there are some factors that increase the chances of erectile dysfunction. Obesity, medications, heart weakness, poor circulation of blood, unhealthy diet, hormone imbalance, excess consumption of alcohol, smoking, stress, and performance anxiety are some of the issues that lead to the development of erectile dysfunction.

Masturbation does lead to any medical or physical problem?

Masturbation does lead to any medical or physical problem

No scientific study has ever linked erectile dysfunction with the masturbation. It does not lead to blindness, hair loss, and general body weakness, provided that you are eating a normal balanced diet, and sexual weakness. All of these are myths.  Masturbation also never diminishes the desire for sex. In fact, healthy masturbation, which is one a week during foreplay can lead to a satisfying sex session.

Masturbation does not lead to any noticeable effects on the ability of the man to get an erection and maintain that erection during intercourse.  The studies have not produced any evidence to show a link between erectile dysfunction and masturbation. Masturbation does not damage the penis. This is assumed, that you are not using hard substances or rubbing the penis aggressively.

Masturbation can become a problem when it leads to habituation and you cannot get orgasm with your partner. When a masturbation habit takes you away from your partner, you know you have to deal with it.

Does Masturbation cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction

However, to find the direct impact of masturbation on the ability of the man to get an erection and maintain it during the course of sex with the partner, we need to review other outcomes or studies.

The only negative fallout of masturbation is that a man with the habit can become used to only certain kinds of touches. It may be the touch of his hands, fingers moving on penis or vibrator. And his arousal will happen only at the thought of masturbation rather than getting intimate with the partner. His dependence on masturbation may increase by getting the ultimate orgasm.  And he can find more pleasures in masturbation than in sex with the partner.

Again it is wrong to say that people in a relationship do not masturbate. It is a common thing that a person with higher sexual desire may get to masturbation, even after doing sex with the wife to release further tension. Again, a wife may not agree with daily sex, due to some other reasons, which are due to a lack of interest in sex. The husband may get to the masturbation to release his sexual tension.

Masturbation may also lead to a feeling that a partner is not attractive for sex or not good enough in bed. There may be some ill-feeling, but these are different topics that have no link to erectile dysfunction.

Masturbation by watching pornography could lead to erectile dysfunction

masturbation causes erectile dysfunction

Whether masturbation is harmful or not depends on the two facts. First is, how often do you masturbate, and how much do you masturbate?  The second is the role of pornography in masturbation.

Once a week masturbate is totally harmless. And if you masturbate before sex to last long, it does not have any negative effect on your sex life. Some people do masturbate before sex to last long. They ejaculate first, so that second ejaculation is longer, as it often is the case.

The possible role of pornography in masturbation with erectile dysfunction

Over the years the cases of erectile dysfunction have increased in young people. This rise is along with the rising of internet and porno sites.  The men in the 30s are also facing some degree of erectile dysfunction. The experts are at loss to explain this rise in erectile dysfunction incidence.  The men in this age group do not have any issues that are generally associated with the medical cause of erectile dysfunction.  They are free from obesity, diabetics, hypertension, heart issues or any other medical conditions. The kind of stress they face is normal. Not a kind of stress that can lead to erectile dysfunction.

The expert believes that this could be the result of the easy access of porno sites to the young men.  A man can watch different kinds of porno sites where every possible imagination and fantasy is played. This exposure has increased the expectation of a man from regular sex. 

A study in the group of some people noted that those who watched excessively had diminished libido and less excitement in physical contact with a female partner.

Thus, the experts come to the conclusion, that excess porno site exposure could develop erectile dysfunction that is psychological in nature.

Is excess watching of porno sites with masturbation cause of erectile dysfunction?


There is no conclusive evidence, but studies are giving an indication that excess use of the porno sites with masturbation can lead to some degree of erectile dysfunction

So if you masturbate, it should be without using porno sites for arousal. Instead, imagine your wife or partner and masturbate, without ejaculation, before sex.

The positive side of masturbation

Positive side of masturbation

Masturbation has some positive effects. One is that for an unmarried person, it is the safest way to release sexual tension. It gives pleasure to a person who does not want to have a relationship or do not want to have a one night stand. The person is less frustrated. The mental preoccupation with sex may decrease to allow him to concentrate on studies and work. Added benefits may include reducing stress, self-satisfaction, headaches, surprisingly glow, etc.

Masturbation can keep a young person safe by helping him get sexual pleasure without sex. The unsafe sex can create more problems for a youngster, including getting the risk to life sexual transmitted diseases.

Note the adverse effect of the masturbation

adverse effects of masturbation

When you note when masturbation is no longer a last resort due to lack of sex. If it has become a habit, even when you have a wife or a partner, willing to be intimate, then it is a serious problem.  The masturbation should not be a substitute for a real-life experience. It should not isolate you, disturb your relationship. Let there be no gap in intimacy with the wife. If the relationship is suffering because of your masturbation habit, then it is really affecting your normal life.

There are reports that suggest that there could be a link between watching too much pornography and erectile dysfunction. And some people watch pornography to get aroused before masturbation or watch it during masturbation. Initially, it excites you, but ultimately it is a major cause of depression.

Depression is one of the mental causes of erectile dysfunction. It happens when you lose interest in good things in life, including sex.  The possibility is that after a lot of pornography, the performance anxiety might interfere with the erection or maintenance of it in a younger man. It is not the masturbation alone, but how do you masturbate that may be the culprit.  The inclusion of pornography with masturbation can lead to the gradual development of erectile dysfunction. There is a sufficient amount of data to indicate the abnormal consumption of porno at the time of masturbation can lead to a rise of erectile dysfunction.            

Stop masturbation now

Stop Masturbation Now

Stop it if you are married; instead, use the arousal to spend time with your wife to increase intimacy. If you are not married, then stop masturbation for a few days to let the penis gain its own strength. Control the urge to masturbate for a few days. Reduce it gradually, set a particular day of the week for it and then try to avoid on other days.

What happens when you stop masturbation for a long time?

You're life become more happier when you stop masturbation

The guilt feeling is no longer disturbing you. And you let your penis to develop normally. The nerves, which carry blood to the penis, are not pressed every day.  This is good for penis health. Penis nerve regains their natural strength. Now the erection comes only when your body feels the need for sex. The absent from masturbation gives to clear mind for indulging in healthy pursuits like hobbies, study or professional courses. You gain energy and stamina for other works.

The benefit of a married person is greater. The arousal is increasing every day for the actual sex. And the passion comes back in the sex with the wife or partner.

In case of development of erectile dysfunction use ED drugs

erectile dysfunction drugs use to cure ed problem.

In case of any weakness in erection during sex, you have the safe option of using 200mg viagra for erection. It is safe and FDA approved drug to overcome erectile dysfunction. It comes in several doses to deal with any degree of erectile dysfunction. Gives a hard erection within minutes. But remember it only helps you overcome the soft or weak erection. The permanent solution lies in lifestyle change, diet change, spending time with the partner, avoid, if you masturbate, reduce access to pornography site and increase time with the wife or a partner.

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