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Here Is How to get Strong and Lasting Erection

Getting an erection and sustaining it for the period of intercourse is a major problem for a man with erectile dysfunction. The struggle to get an erection takes a lot of mental and physical effort. Then the effort to sustain it for the intercourse takes joy from the lovemaking session.  

In an effort to maintain an erection, man faces premature ejaculation. It leads to frustration and despondency sets in. it gradually takes a man away from sex due to lack of confidence and affects the intimate relations with the wife or a partner.

Issues causing erectile dysfunction

Issues faced by men while suffering from erectile dysfunction

Getting an erection is a problem for a man with erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a lack of ability or capacity to get an erection and maintains it for intercourse. It can be the result of several physical, psychological, and medical causes. Medical conditions such as heart issues, diabetics, prostate enlargement, or some sexual weakness can lead to erectile dysfunction. The mood swings, anxiety, depression, stress, and hectic lifestyle could be the emotional reasons behind erectile issues.

How to get an erection?

Various ways of treating erectile dysfunction

There are solutions to overcome erectile issues. Some of these issues are related to lifestyle changes, diet change, Ayurvedic treatment or other non -medical methods. All these methods bring results but take a lot of time and effort. The progress will be slow and gradual. The duration of treatment depends on the level of erectile dysfunction, and how long it has been affecting the man.

However, there are a large number of men who do not like spending such a long time to cure erectile dysfunction. They feel that time and effort spent on treatment are not worth it. Even after the treatment, they still need some medicine to get a hard erection for satisfying sex.

Role of Viagra (sildenafil citrate) in erection

Viagra 200mg can boost your performance in bed to get erection perefectly

Viagra is one of the popular erectile dysfunction drugs. It is FDA approved and widely used by all age men with erectile issues. The Viagra boosts the blood circulation to the sexual organ and fills the blood in the spongy tissue of the penis. This creates a condition for a hard erection with sexual stimulation. The Viagra is safe and secure, and it has not led to any serious medical complications. A user only has to ensure that a prescribed dose is followed to avoid any medical emergency.

Can Viagra get a man hard?

Viagra can make a men hard to get an erection

Yes, undoubtedly Viagra gives a hard erection. It takes at least 45 minutes to 60 minutes to give a hard erection. Remember here, that Viagra only creates conditions for a hard erection. The sexual stimulation is needed for the hard erection. Sexual stimulation releases nitrate oxide, which relaxes blood vessels to increase blood flow to the sexual organ of the male.  The Viagra supports the action of nitrate oxide. The blood flow in the smooth muscles makes it easy to get a hard erection.

How to sustain a hard erection?

you can get the erection if you have sex desires, foreplays

Swallow a Viagra tablet and let it begin its action. The full potential is reached after 60 minutes. It ensures that under the sexual stimulation with a partner, the man with getting a hard erection. After 60 minutes you will be in a position to get a hard erection within 5 seconds with just a touch of your partner. The desire of love in her eyes will give you an additional kick. Now indulge in foreplay and kissing the erogenous zone of the partner. Do not rush in to get the sex, let it happen slowly. After considerable foreplay, let her beg for sex. Have wild intercourse; believe me she wouldn’t mind. Stop for kissing, caressing, change positions to maintain the erection for a longer period. Vary your speed, from slow long and deep penetration to bumping. This way you will last long.

Definitely there will be ejaculation. After ejaculation, the intimacy only increases. Couples make a mistake when they separate after ejaculation. They miss something precious moments that increase intimacy. This is the best time when two souls and bodies are together and there is hardly any space between them. Talk softly, kiss your partner and submerge in a moment. Let you breathe talk.

Stay erected for hours

kissing, using lips, touching every part of the body, and communicating through eyes are the process for how to get erection

After ejaculation comes the time of relaxing with the partner on the same bed. Fill this time with kissing, using lips, touching every part of the body, and communicating through eyes. Let eyes speak. Even when there is no erection, continue to indulge in kissing, soft massage and making her feel special. Then you will again get an erection. The time is taken by a man to come out of the refractory period varies. This time the erection will last longer, and you will have the time of our life with the second love session. The impact of the Viagra lasts up to 5- hours. And second erection will fill the remaining time in the 5-hour duration.

How to use Viagra for the best results?

Viagra 50 mg, viagra 100 mg, viagra 120 mg, viagra 150 mg, viagra 200 mg can be used in how to get erection

Viagra comes in various does from 50mg to 200mg. Let a doctor prescribe you Viagra. The dose will depend on your erectile dysfunction degree or intensity and age. For a younger man, the Viagra 50mg will be enough to give a hard erection for satisfying sex.  The doses are increased with the degree of erectile dysfunction. Every viagra pill, irrespective of dose, gives the same benefits. It also has the same impact lasting 5- hours. If the lower dosage doesn’t work then one can try higher dosage like Viagra 200mg.

For the best results avoid heavy meals just before the swallowing of a Viagra pill. Swallow with water only. Do not use grapefruit or grapefruit juice. Avoid smoking, drinking, and overdose. An Overdose complicates the problems for you. The side- effects intensify with the overdose.


Never use higher Viagra without medical consultations.

Take extra care if you are a patient. Consult a doctor and mention all the medicines and medication you are on for any medical condition. Let a doctor examine you to decide whether you need a Viagra or not. And a doctor will decide the dose of Viagra for your erectile dysfunction. Never use higher Viagra without medical consultations. Also never use two pills within 24 hours. Remember the basic aim is to get an erection for a great love session. Do not complicate the things with the overdose and wrong use of a Viagra.

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