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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Homeopathy

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual weakness among men after a certain age. But it can have a serious dent on the self -confidence of man hit his self- esteem. And also, damages the sexual relaxations with the partner.

Erectile dysfunction is a lack of erection in the penis for intercourse. The erection can be of varying degrees. Some get an erection, but cannot sustain it for normal sexual activity. The accurate assessment of the causes and their cure leads to the permanent cure of the problem. The cure starts with a consultation with a doctor and understanding the causes or causes.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment with Homeopathy is the best way to cure ED. It cures the problem of the core and prevents it from coming back. Homeopathy is the best way to treat a person who is having Erectile Dysfunction. As ingredients used in making homeopathy medicines are natural so have fewer side-effects.

Symptoms of the erectile dysfunction

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be due to several medical, physical and psychological causes. It may also be due to age, lack of sexual desire, less sexual activity and indulgent lifestyle.

Individual assessment enhances the effectiveness of the homeopathy treatment  of Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction treatment with homeopathy

The treatment of erectile dysfunction begins after assessing the degree of erectile dysfunction. The level of erection and the root cause behind the erection. It is also seen whether a person has sexual desire, or not. The age of the person and the duration of ED determines the selection of medicine for treatment.

Medicines for the Treatment of the Erectile Dysfunction in Homeopathy

Medicines for the Treatment of the Erectile Dysfunction in Homeopathy

For extreme erectile dysfunction

Agnus castus is the medicine for a man with an extreme case of erectile dysfunction. It is an effective medicine when penis remains relaxed even under sexual stimulation. It is also recommended when a man lost interest in sex due to some mental issues. Also, it boosts the desire and physical strength to indulge in sex.

For slow and soft erection

Selenium is for the patient with weak or soft erection that is not hard to have penetrative sex. It is the perfect medicine when there is a desire for sex. And a person wants to indulge in sexual activity, but cannot get the right degree of erection.

For a higher degree of erectile dysfunction with sex desire

Caladium is perfect for a man who maintains a desire for sex. But cannot indulge in sexual activity due to the erection issue. It is also recommended for a man with depression as a major underlying.

For erectile dysfunction due to excess masturbation

For erectile dysfunction due to excess masturbation

Lycopodium cures erectile dysfunction with excess masturbation, as one of the prime reasons. It is also for elders with erectile dysfunction due to excess in sexual activities. It is also for those who have sexual desires but cannot do the sexual act, due to inadequate erection.

Inability to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse

Inability to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse

Selenium and abs phos bring long erection to those who get an only short erection. The short erection is not enough for performing sex with the partner. After getting an erection, the man suffers premature ejaculation.

A combination of one of these medicines is also prescribed to cure erectile dysfunction that may be due to diabetics. Erectile dysfunction with prostate enlargement is an effective treatment in homeopathy. The homeopathy doctor prescribes the medicines to boost the sexual power and stamina. If a lack of sexual desire is the root of the erection dysfunction.

Thus, it is clear that homeopathy treatment goes to the root of erectile dysfunction. Which always varies from person to person. That is the reason, why homeopathy is preferable over the counter. Medicines that only help an individual only overcome.

What makes homeopathy the best treatment option for Erectile Dysfunction?

What makes homeopathy the best treatment option for Erectile Dysfunction?

Unlike ED drugs available on the market, homeopathy cures the root of the problem. It gives permanent relief from erectile dysfunction. Homeopathy is a natural mind and body medicine. The results depend on the nature of the causes, emotional and mental state of the individual. In homeopathy, the treatment starts after a comprehensive assessment of the problem. The customization of the treatment is the distinctive feature of the homeopathy. This ensures a faster and permanent cure. The added benefit is that treatment is completely with no side effects at all.

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